CAS NO.: 124-41-4
English name: Sodium methanolate

Weight: 54.02
Appearance: white amorphous flowing powder, odorless; commodity form sub-sodium liquid methanol and solid sodium methylate.
Properties: melting point 126οC; boiling point of 65οC; density 0.97; flash point of 11 οC.
Content ≥ 98.5-99%
≤ 2% free base
Sodium carbonate ≤ 0.5%
Use: mainly used as a condensing agent; strong alkaline catalyst methoxy agent, and for the preparation of vitamin B1 and A; sulfadiazine and other drugs, and a small amount for pesticide production. Also used as a processing edible fats and oils (especially with lard oil) as a catalyst. Also used as an analytical reagent.
Operation and storage: Sealed cool dry preservation.
Packing: 25kg / bag

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